Meet our Superheroes


World War II hero, Steve Rogers fights for American ideals as one of the world’s mightiest heroes and the leader of the Avengers.

Expert in all things fun and when it comes to keeping groups entertained, whether aged 2 or 92, Captain America is your man(hero)!

One of our fiercest and reliable characters here at Superhero Party Dublin!

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Bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker’s arachnid abilities give him amazing powers that he uses to help others, even while his personal life continues to offer plenty of obstacles.

Spider-man is without doubt, one of our most popular characters and one that is guaranteed to leave a lasting memory!

Our Spider-man tends to lead by example and is red hot when it comes to organising games and activities - be that for children at a birthday party, or even adults at a corporate entertainment event in Dublin.

Be aware, this one loves posing, so you can expect plenty of memorable photographs (as you can see from the photo's here)

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Spider-Man and Deadpool are like two sides of the same coin!

Their outfits look a lot alike, they have similar builds and they both like to joke endlessly as a front to hide their personal issues.

Deadpool is a fan favourite here at Superhero Party Dublin and has an endless amount of games, gabs and jokes to share with your guest.

He has an infectious and often uncontrollable energy, that really gets the party going.

NO question about it, Deadpool owns the room at all birthday parties and corporate entertainment events that he is hired for in Dublin.

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